April 21, 2022 Musicology No Comments

This popped yesterday and it took a few hours for me to spot it, so I dont have a thoughtful take on it yet. But give me a few more hours and I’ll get after it. I can’t wait, really.

I can give a not so thoughtful take right now though, and it’s that at first blush this is less silly than the recent Calvin Harris lawsuit (which took the cake) and probably less silly than the Ed Sheeran Oh Why/Shape of You lawsuit which, well, went all the way to trial for whatever that’s worth.

So is everything just relative now? No. We won’t be accepting of that. Wanna here the tracks in question? Well, too bad. Here are both.

The verse in the former has a lot of similarity to the chorus in the latter. No doubt about that.

But my initial leaning? This seems more like a coincidental similarity than a result of copying.

Too busy today to substantiate that, change my mind, put together the argument, but people get ready, there’s a train a coming.

Written by Brian McBrearty