April 3, 2018 Musicology No Comments

Poor guy needs a musicologize scoreboard all to himself. And there’s no way he’s excited to see Richard Busch coming at him again. Nobody would be, dude’s a beast.

And perhaps Ed’s preternaturally easy going demeanor has reached its limit, because Sheeran has countersued and wants this thing tossed out. Good luck.

There’s no way it gets dismissed. Busch won’t have misstepped and this isn’t even close to Taylor Swift’s Haters Gon Hate situation.┬áThe plaintiffs are right in that Jasmine Rae’s “When I Found You,” has elements in common with “The Rest of Our Life” and that any ordinary listener might hear the similarities. And so they deserve their day in court.

But at their own peril, because Sheeran may also be right. Similarities don’t equal infringement. I’m not going to unpack these two compositions here right now. Maybe if the case gets interesting. But at a glance Sheeran looks and sounds to me like the victim here, and I predict he’ll get out of this for little or nothing.

Written by Brian McBrearty