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Back in July 2016, Musicologize published a pretty deep take down of the “Amazing” versus “Photograph” case, Amazing v. Photograph | Why Sheeran’s Photograph Infringes. and came to the conclusion that Ed Sheeran would be well advised to settle it. And it appears today that he has. Congratulations to “Amazing’s” songwriters, plaintiffs Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard …

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It was never about plagiarism, but it was about copyright infringement. And this case might’ve been interesting, but alas it never got there. And now it appears to be settled. It was never interesting because it never ventured into the exploration of the concepts of “derivative work” versus other sorts of transformative works. And as a …

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UPDATE: It took a while but a song theft lawsuit over “Say You Won’t Let Go” was evidently filed today (May 21, 2018) and look out,  it’s Richard Busch for the plaintiffs. I’m going to take a close look at this one right away and give you the prediction. X Factor comeback kid James Arthur could …

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