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Travis Scott lawsuit. Does Highest In The Room infringe?
A lawsuit has been filed against Travis Scott claiming his hit “Highest In the Room” infringes on a track called “Cartier” by songwriters Olivier Bassil, Benjamin Lasnier, and Lukas Benjamin Leth. The three plaintiffs...
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Apple TV+ sued for infringement of ’89 rap track.
Latest News
San Francisco Bay artist Richard “Richie Rich” Serrell recorded “Side Show” back around 1990 with a group called “415.” In a copyright infringement suit that names Apple, NBC Universal, and Amblin Entertainment as defendants,...
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Nickelback sued over “Rockstar.”
Musicology, Opinion
Let’s not be too sure that “Music Copyright Infringement Is Beginning To Make Sense Again.” According to Bloomberg Law, Nickelback just got sued because their hit “Rockstar,” according to a musician named Kirk Johnston,...
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$8.1M infringement suit. Was Ford too cheap to pay $13,500 in license fees?
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Ford Motor Company stands accused of using library music in its promotional videos without obtaining a sync license, fifty-four times. How do we get to such a specific amount as $8.1 million? I’m not...
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Judge throws out Josh Groban copyright case.
Latest News, Musicology, Opinion
It’s not so much that anyone even knew, much less cared, that there was a copyright infringement case involving “You Raise Me Up,” by Josh Groban and Westlife. It’s more that now that the...
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