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Carrie Underwood sued over “Something In The Water.” Frivolous suit or not?
Latest News, Musicology, Opinion
Is this just another frivolous lawsuit? How can we tell? accessToday we learned that canadian songwriters, now plaintiffs, Ronald McNeill and Georgia Lyons-Savage are suing Carrie Underwood and claim to have composed the chorus, melody...
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Chance The Rapper sued for copyright infringement.
Latest News, Musicology, Opinion
“Chance The Rapper” sued by the songwriter of Lonnie Smith’s “Bridge Through Time” — a jazz record also sampled by Jay-Z and others. Chance The Rapper is reportedly being sued for copyright infringement over...
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Alan Jackson case tossed; plaintiff didn’t have a musicologist?
The three legged stool and why you need a musicologist before you write that complaint. I don’t know. But looking at the court decision that threw this out, I’d have to say the plaintiff, Timothy...
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Why the Blurred Lines verdict doesn’t matter.
Musicology, Opinion
I’m a forensic musicologist and the Blurred Lines verdict was wrong in my opinion, but… But nevertheless, it is a historical fact, if a mildly unsettling one. But it shouldn’t however be as unsettling...
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