January 17, 2019 Musicology No Comments

No. Jumping right on this one, because it’s straightforward.

This morning we have headlines that Juice WRLD is getting sued, again. Sting pretty much owns “Lucid Dreams” now, rightly. And this new suit comes because a young artist from Colorado, Jerome Willisch, who works under the name Fly Jxy, is under the impression that “Lean Wit Me” is the same as his song “Ice.”

Here’s Lean Wit Me.

And here’s Ice.

The lawsuit was evidently filed by Fly Jxy’s parents. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Perhaps they’re lawyers. Doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is musicologically significant similarity. And sometimes, these matters are simple. This is such a time.

I hear what Fly Jxy hears, and I get it, but he’s mistaken. “Lean Wit Me” is not like “Ice” in any way that will matter. There’s no way forward for this argument, musically speaking. There’s nothing here.

Written by Brian McBrearty