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It’s that “Standing Outside The Fire” by Garth Brooks sounds a ton like “Conviction Of The Heart” by Kenny Loggins. And this conflict came to a supposedly “amicable” settlement many years ago. But Loggins put out a memoir recently and brought up the whole thing again and it sounds a bit less amicable.

Settlements don’t always include an admission of wrongdoing. In fact, sometimes…

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Go big or go home, I guess? Songwriter and performer Andy Stone is suing Mariah Carey and a co-writer for $20 Million because he might actually believe “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is an infringement of his own song by the same title released a few years prior.

I know, nobody wants to talk about Christmas music in June. We’ll be brief….

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One for my lawyer friends.

I’m no lawyer. My expertise is musical, not legal. But since I sometimes offer musical analysis and opinions regarding issues related to copyright, I often think about music through that lens, as pertaining to familiarity with copyright law. And it can be frustrating. So…

The last time I tried to be so activist and academic was…

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Headlines galore: “Ed Sheeran blasts the culture of copyright cases!” and “Ed Sheeran will video his songwriting sessions from now on!” As has become the drill, reporting on these cases is about putting the latest high-profile lawsuit du jour in context with Blurred Lines and the copyright infringement cases that have followed. And I suppose I must as well, but differently, I think.