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Analysis and Perspective on Matters of Music Copyright and Forensic Musicology

Preventative Musicology

Clearance analysis services for music supervisors, creative and advertising agencies, production companies.


Litigation Consulting

Comparison and analysis services, trial preparation, and expert witness. 


Audio Analysis

Forensic audio services, sample identification, sample recreation consulting, licensing matters.

Forensic musicology is the application of musical expertise, most often involving the analysis of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and orchestration to illuminate the relevant truths in matters of civil law. Here on MUSICOLOGIZE we explain our forensic musicology services and our articles cover some of the most interesting cases currently in the news.

Music Copyright infringement cases actions are increasingly prevalent and the technology boom in the recording industry over the past decade has made it very easy to misappropriate intellectual property. Copyright infringement is not merely “sounding similar” however, and Musicology distills significant similarity from insignificant similarity and infringement from inspiration.


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Brian McBrearty
Forensic Musicologist
Musicologize provides forensic musicologist services to attorneys, advertising agencies, creative agencies, music supervisors, and composers, including preventative musicology and risk assessment, clearances, comparison and analysis, audio forensics, and copyright infringement litigation support. Forensic musicologist, music theorist, and writer, Brian McBrearty has degrees in both Music (BA double major in Music Theory and Composition, and Jazz Studies; and a minor in Music Business) and Economics (BS). He runs a production music library, Sonitarium.com, as well as Mediagloss Audio Studio, which provides custom music, sound design, and audio experience consulting services to some of the world's biggest multimedia companies. He has composed and produced hundreds of pieces for commercials, tv, and interactive.
Brian McBrearty is a member of the American Musicological Society, Copyright Society of the USA, Society for Music Theory, American Bar Association, and American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). He resides in the San Francisco Bay area.
Mr. McBrearty writes extensively on the most interesting music copyright issues and cases currently in the news. He happily accepts press and media inquiries and is pleased to comment on copyright cases of public interest. He can be reached at brianmcbrearty@gmail.com or at (212) 217-9512. Additional articles and further professional history can be found on LinkedInA recent cv is available here.

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    Musicologize is not a legal firm, and Mr. McBrearty is not an attorney. Opinions are musical, not legal. BrianMcBrearty.com